Sunday, April 7, 2019

Craig's List Shopping

Troy olympic deep dish machined plates (8) 45s (4) 25s (4) 10s (2) 5s (2) 2.5s $1/lb obo $450 set obo
Rep fitness barbells $80 each obo
One of them has center knurl
Would consider trade deals for 36kg and up kettlebells
Keywords: weights fitness powerlifting crossfit 

When this post was originally made there was also an Rogue S1 Squat Rack for $240 and a Rogue Flat bench for $120.  This represents about 60% of retail value.  I assume these sold.

The plates were originally listed at $1/pound for the 515 pounds of machined plates, now it is listed at $450 for the set or about $0.90/pound.  Most home gyms are set up with bumpers.  The big advantage to iron plates, besides looking and feeling awesome, is that you can load up a barbell sufficiently for deadlifts without running out of room.  I originally considered grabbing a pair of 45's for $90, but then thought better of it as I would have rather had a extra set of 45 crumb bumpers for $112.

The Rep Fitness barbells are in a pretty big rage, but this is probably a reasonable price.

The big perk to all of this is that it was just across the street from my house.  I considered the squat rack, but would really prefer a fold away squat rack.

UPDATE:  Only (4) 45s left and the barbells.  The seller is asking $200 obo for the plates.

UPDATE:  Same stuff is left, seller asking $180 obo for the plates.

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