Friday, August 24, 2018

Fit Body Boot Camp

Friday, August 24, 2018

Fit Body Boot Camp in Arvada is having their grand opening and I decided to take advantage of the 3 free classes they are offering.

The claim to fame is High Intensity Interval Training in a 30 minute workout.  Every day, the class consists of different movements to keep it interesting and train your entire body.

I was joined by two others (Reena and John) for my Friday 8:30 AM workout and class size is capped at 24 individuals.

We started with a short warm up and then the coach, Daniel, demonstrated all of he movements.  He included scaled down and scaled up variations.

Then we started 3 rounds of 8 exercises on a 30 seconds ON 10 seconds OFF interval.  Not quite Tabata, but similar.

  1. Lateral plank walk
  2. Star jumps
  3. Hip Pivot
  4. Reverse Plank
  5. Chest Fly leg raise
  6. Side Plank
  7. Crunch Curl
  8. Calf Raise from Squat Position
This was a pretty good routine.  I scaled down the star jumps during the 30 second interval, but was able to maintain the rest for the most part.

After catching our breath, we did a "Core Blast" which consisted of 3 rounds of 3 core exercises (scissor kicks, single leg v-ups, heel touches) on the same 30s ON 10s OFF interval.  This was tough and I had to take breaks and lower intensity.

We finished with cool down stretches.

I enjoyed the workout and thought it is good for the general population including myself.  The facility is really nice with new equipment and an inviting space.  The coach is attentive and pointed out some corrections (keep my butt lower during planks).

The group/coached environment certainly maintained my motivation.  On my own, I would have lowered the intensity or skipped rounds.

The exercises themselves were less engaging than CrossFit, yoga, swimming and other coached workouts that include skills development like Olympic lifting, gymnastics and others.  For my current fitness and participation level it may be a better fit than it would have been in the past.

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