Friday, August 31, 2018

Camp Gladiator

Friday, August 31, 2018

Oakhurst Park

8:00 AM

Warm Up

Ran a couple hundred yards, push ups, inch worms, walking lunges, etc.

40 yards sprints at 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% intensity

Round 1

8 Star Jumps
4 Pop Squats (like a burpee, but not going to the ground)
40 yard sprint

1:30 work 30 rest
1:15 work 30 rest
1:00 work 30 rest
0:45 work 30 rest

Round 2
12 Split Squat jumps (or reverse lunge)
8 Plank heel touches
40 yard broad jumps

Round 3
16 side shuffles (2 yards)
8 plank jack
40 yard bear crawl

All of the rounds were on the same work/rest cycle.  I may have the rep count messed up, but I could usually finish a round on the longest work interval, but would not be able to after that.

Between rounds we would do a core blast including crunches, supermans, low plank hip pivot to each side, etc.

We finished with stretching.

The camp gladiator method is based on 4 week cycles.  Week 1 endurance, Week 2 speed and agility, Week 3 intensity and Week 4 peak.  I showed up on week 3 and got leveled.  Janelle was a great coach, her daughter Haley is in 6th grade with my daughter.  Nicole was another WWA parent and her daughter Avery was also in 6th grade.  Overall it was 7 of us.  I was the only guy. 

It was a good high intensity workout and in the spirit of group workouts, I certainly pushed myself harder than I otherwise would have.  The movements were not technical and Janelle did offer pointers (keep your butt lower, etc) and encouragement.

If I were on a regular schedule and the times/costs worked for me, I would consider joining, but I think I am still sold on working out at a globo gym until I can return to CrossFit.

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