Monday, February 27, 2017

King Kong

Monday, February 27, 2017

West Metro CrossFit

Coach Soloman - (9:00 AM) - Judy and me

Warm Up

400m Run, WMCF dynamic warm up

Gymnastics Skills

1) Spend about 3-5 minutes working on:
Muscle Up progressions (Kipping Swings on the rings, warm up a few ring dips, get some Pull Ups in)


Kipping Pull Up Progressions (Superman/Hollow Holds and Flips, Kipping Swings on bar, Pull-in/Push-out)

I did the pull-up progression

2) Handstand Push Up Progression
Go as far through the following progression as possible 2 times. Do not move to the next step unless the highest rep in the range can be completed.

~ 5-10 Piked Push Ups on ground
~ 5-10 Piked Push Ups from a box
~ 5-10 Handstand Push Ups (modify with up to an ABMAT with a 25# plate underneath)

I could do the piked push-ups on ground, but only 4 piked push-ups from a box

“King Kong”

3 Rounds for time of (10 min cap):
1 Deadlift (455/315)
2 Muscle Ups
3 Squat Cleans (250/170)
4 Handstand Push Ups

Like most folks, I had to scale
Deadlift (245#)
Muscle Up (sub C2B and ring dip)
Squat Cleans (95#)
HSPU (piked push-ups from a box)

I still managed to finish in 8:18 which I felt pretty good about.  The deadlifts felt better than I expected.  Even with 2 abmats, I could not do a HSPU.

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