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Monday, September 10, 2018

Vasa Fitness

Monday, September 10, 2018

Vasa Fitness

8:20 AM

2 min walk
5 min 1.0% incline, 5.0 mph
2 min walk

Cindy - 2 rounds

Box Jumps

Wall Ball Shots
4x5 14# ball to 10' target


Bench Press

45 minutes total workout

I decided to check out Vasa Fitness and was very impressed.  They built out the old Safeway into an incredible facility with cardio machines, machine weights, free weights (dumbbells up to 150#!!!), 3 lane lap pool, 2 racquet ball courts, group fitness room, group functional fitness turf, 2 open turf areas with soft plyo boxes, medicine balls and kettlebells.  They have child care available as well as hydromassage facilities.

My concerns are with pricing.  They have a lot of better business bureau complaints and even the sales talk with the associate is confusing.  $9.99/month for basic membership, $19.99/month for access to everything.  They said I could not even use the turf areas with the basic membership.  Then there is the additional cancellation fee ($25 if you cancel in the first 6 months).  Finally there is the rate guarantee fee of $49.99.  The sales guy said this is not every year, but my wife claims that it was every year.  Apparently their is also an enrollment fee.  I definitely need to bring my reading glasses before signing up for anything.  I will check out TruFit again.  I did stop by Planet Fitness and this location is nicer than the old location, but still limited for my needs.

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