Friday, September 28, 2018


Friday, September 28, 2018

TruFit Westminster

12:00 PM

Row 10 minutes, ~100 calories

Cindy - 1 round

Rope skips

1 wall walk up
3 HS kick up and hold

Box Jumps


40 minutes total workout

Well Aspire closed all of their doors which left me holding the bag at the Westminster location after getting the Arvada location closed.  Lexi had posted an add for TruFit and I decided to check them out again.  It is a great facility with everything I need.  I got to meet Jeff, who was inspirational in incorporating the MMA section of the gym associated with Sparta Combat League.  I will definitely take advantage of introductory pricing associated with former Aspire members and will likely make this my gym of the future.  I do like the fact that Vasa has a pool and basketball court, but do not like the corporate feel at Vasa.

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