Thursday, December 24, 2015

Squat Snatch

Wednesday, December 24, 2015

Coach Jeremy

(11:30 AM) at the Deuce, 5 of us including Doreen and Me

Warm Up

Banded Hip Crease in squat stance bent forward and in staggered stance with lead leg in band and reaching for toes.  Relax to let the band do the work.

Then leg swings forward back and left right.  Lunge with PVC overhead and pass through from overhead to butt.

Long time with PVC starting in OH Squat position and then working up from ground knees back, pass over knee, bring to hip crease, keep the bar close, flip wrists over and get in bottom of squat, set bar and push knees out and contract glutes to get the bar moving.  We probably did 10 from ground to above knee, 10 to hip crease, 10 shrugs, 10 high pulls, 10 dropping into quarter squat, 10 dropping into half squat and 10 dropping into full squat.

We spent a lot of time assessing our position with the bar overhead.  Elbows pointed down, torque generated from stacking shoulders onto back muscles.  It was kind of squeezing shoulders together, but not exactly.  This was easier to wrap my head around by holding the PVC with an open palm.  With the elbows locked, your back should be supporting the weight.



Find your 1 rep max.

Spend 20-30 min working on the squat snatch, or power snatch + OHS

This was a great workout.  We were encourages to spend 15 minutes really getting dialed in at 60% of expected 1RM and then moving up EMOM.  I should have taken this to heart as I went up quickly and had to back down.  I started at 35#, then went up to 55#, 65# and 70#.  Struggling at 70#, I dropped back down to 55# and got dialed in and then went on to 65#, 70# and 75# for a PR!


30 Squat snatch for time
Use around 60% of 1RM.
The goal time is between 4-7 min to complete

This was decidedly less great.  I used the 35# bar with training plates for 45#.  The first 10 were OK, but I still did a couple of power snatch and OHS.  Even at 45#, the OHS felt pretty lousy.  Dropping into a squat and then standing up felt decidedly better.  Then I started breaking down into 3's and 2's.  The last 10 were singles, but I felt a lot better, walking for 3 seconds and then setting for the bar again.  I finished in 7:14

Mobility - Finished with couch stretch, squat against wall and flared legs against wall.

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