Monday, December 14, 2015


Monday, December 14, 2015

Coach Meriah

(11AM) Steve C, Steve, B, Bill, Tom, Ben, Mary, Blair, Dan, a couple of others and me

Warm Up

800m Row, 150m Ski Erg, 200m jog followed by leg swings (forward/back & side/side), butt busters, and deep squats.


With 45# bar, Good Mornings, Back Squat with hands behind head, Strict Press Overhead, Hang Muscle Clean, Clean to 25% squat, Clean to 50% squat, Clean to Full Squat with and without pause at knee.

Workout of the Day

For time (25 min cap):
2 Rounds of Cindy
15 Squat cleans
2 Rounds of Cindy
15 Push press
2 Rounds of Cindy
15 Power cleans
2 Rounds of Cindy
15 Front squats

L3+ – 185/125 lb. If you can do 20/15+ rounds of the benchmark, do 3 rounds.
L3 – Use 155/95 lb.
L2 – Use 115/75 lb.
L1 – Use 95/65 lb.

I used 75# for the workout.  1 round of Cindy is 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats.  The first 3 rounds I did pull-ups, but felt my left biceps tighten on the first rep of round 4 and switched to Ring Rows.  My push-ups and air squats were on point.  I did break down the sets pretty quickly (3-3-2-2 for push-ups and 5-5-5 for air squats).

Getting position for the lifting was much harder (even at L1-) due to fatigue).  I had a hard time setting and maintaining my shoulders and I bled off energy for the squat cleans and power cleans.  The push press kept turning into a push jerk.  Also on the power cleans, I was not dropping down at all, instead driving my hips forward.  The front squats were pretty good.  Overall I finished in 25:42, above the time cap, but pretty close.

Mobility - finished with biceps/pectoral stretches, runner's lunge,  and pigeon

My biceps continues to feel tight, but being a small muscle, I hope it heals quickly

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