Monday, December 14, 2015

Mobility Archetypes

Overhead:  thumbs back, elbows locked out, ears visible, spine neutral

Common Faults - elbows flared out, shoulder rolled forward, lumbar overextension

Press:  shoulders back, elbows behind body, spine neutral, elbows and wrist aligned

Common Faults - shoulders rolled forward, elbows flared out

Hang:  shoulders neutral, elbows at chest level, wrists behind torso

Common Faults - shoulders rolled forward, wrists in front of body

Front Rack:  palms up, elbows at shoulder level, shoulders neutral and externally rotated

Common Faults - palms down, shoulders forward, elbows flared out

Front Rack 2:  palms up, elbows at shoulder level

Common Faults - shoulders forward, elbows flared out

Squat:  head and shoulders neutral, spine neutral, hips below knee crease, knees out, feet neutral

Common Faults - head up, shoulders forward, lumbar overextenstion, hips above knee crease, knees forward (no torque), ankles collapsed

Squat 2:  back flat, head neutral, shoulders neutral, shins vertical

Common Faults - back rounded, head up, shoulders rounded forward

Pistol:  knee neutral, ankle stable, upper back neutral (I could not even get into this position)

Common Faults - knee positioned inside the ankle, ankle collapsed, heel off the ground

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