Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Back Squat

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Coach Patrick

(11AM) about 12 of us including Daryl, Naige, Mandy, Erika, Britt, Dan, and me

Warm Up

600m Row followed by 30 yard banded monster walk, 20 Cossack Squats, 30 yard banded monster walk, 20 Cossack Squats, 10 Back Squats (45#), 30 yard banded monster walk, 10 Back Squats (45#), and 10 Back Squats (65#)


OTM x 12min:
3 Back squats to a parallel or just above box

I worked out with Dan.  I used 135# for the first 9 rounds and then bumped it up to 155# for the last 3 rounds.  We used a 20" box and I started to get pretty comfortable powering up from my glutes and hamstrings while keeping my core tight.


5 Rounds:
:30 KB swings
:30 rest
:30 Abmat situps
:30 rest

This was pretty reasonable.  We were banded at the hips and I used a 44# kb.  I got a total of 146 reps for the 5 rounds.


Kettlebell farmers carry:
3x 3:00 sets for max load and distance

I partnered with Dan for this, but rather than be concerned with time we both went the length of the rig and back (~60 yards) 5 times.  I rested while he walked, and vice-versa.  We used 70# kb or 140# total.  I felt pretty good about my form on this.

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