Sunday, December 27, 2015

12 Days of Christmas

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Coach Amy

(9AM) Gymnastics about 12 of us including Rich, Andrew, Kat and me

Warm Up

100 single under skips, 25 double under attempts, walking lunges, walking reverse lunges, crab walk backwards, crab walk forwards, bear crawl hopping feet, leg swings forward/back and side/side then set up for WOD.


1 Rope climb (14 foot rope)
2 High box jumps (24" box)
3 GHD (ab mat sit ups)
4 Toes to bar (kipping leg raises)
5 Hollow rock
6 Pull up
7 Ring dip (Parallel bar dip)
8 Knee to elbow (kipping knee raises)
9 Push ups
10 Pistols (to 16" + 45# plate)
11 Foot Handstand walk (wall walk up and hold)
12 Muscle ups (low transitions)

Even with the extensive scaling, this was still a brutal workout that I finished in 39:48.  Rich finished in 25:00 using a weighted vest for a large portion of the workout.  He was also jumping to a 44" box!

Overall it ends up being 12 rope climbs, 22 box jumps, 30 sit ups, 36 toes to bar, 40 hollow rocks, 42 pull ups, 42 dips, 40 knees to elbow, 36 push ups, 30 pistols, 2 handstand holds, and 12 muscle up transitions.  I gave all of them a solid effort except for the muscle up transitions.

Mobility - Finished with banded shoulders and foam roller on back.

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