Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wall Walk Ups

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Coach Meriah

(11AM) Ashley, Sam, Mandy, Jeff and me

Warm Up

500m Row; then 3 Rounds of 40 seconds on 10 seconds off of Bear Crawl forward and backwards, Jump Rope, Candlestick to Pancake


EMOM 10:  Min 0-3:  30 sec wall holds  Min 4-9:  2-4 Strict HSPU with as much deficit as you can handle..increasing if you’d like.

During this session I focused on trying to kick up.  After crumbling a few times, Meriah supported my legs to get me in position.  I then tried diving in and stepping in and was able to get myself up very shakily.  The wrist wraps helped a lot.  I had more confidence and will hopefully be less sore.


For time:  20-2 Kipping HSPU, 2-20 Box Jumps (step downs) 24/20”, 150 meter KB farmers carry, 53/35+ in each hand.

We all started on the round of 14.  I did 1 wall walk up per 2 kipping HSPU, used a 20” box, and used 44# KB in each hand after the first couple of rounds.

7 WWU/8 BoxJ/35#
6 WWU/10 BoxJ/35#
5 WWU/12 BoxJ/44#
4 WWU/14BoxJ/44#
3 WWU/16 BoxJ/44#
2 WWU/18 BoxJ/44#
1 WWU/20 BoxJ/44#

This was still a really tough workout and my wall walk ups were really taxing my wrists and shoulders.  I was a far cry from parallel, but made a point of pressing my head through and stabilizing my midline.  The Box Jumps were OK, until 14 and then I started breaking them down.  The farmer carry was new to me and really reinforced everything I read in Starrett’s book on neutral spine.  I finished in 27:03

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