Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wall Walk Ups – Pistols

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Coach Meriah

(11AM) Ilian, Matt, Moe, Sam, Ericka and me

Warm Up
Stairs, wall walk ups, candlestick to stand.  On the stairs we ran up 2 sets on the first round, bound up 1 set on the second round and jumped up half a set on the third round.  I was having a really tough time with the candlestick to stand.  Holding a 15 pound plate improved my momentum to get me up.  Another variation that worked was rolling back on a double mat.  The rest of the group was doing candlestick to pistols.


Bulgarian Split Squats 5/5 with DB/KB in each hand, Every 90 sec for 7 rounds, Increase weight as able.

This was a really good movement.  I prefer my back foot flat.  I lowered to an abmat.  On the first round I did body weight only.  On the next 5 rounds I used a KB (20#) held at the goblet position.  On the last round I went up to a 26# KB.  With the isolated leg movement, I could feel that my left groin still isn’t ready for prime time.


12 minute AMRAP of 7 Handstand Pushups and 14 Pistols (7/7 alternating legs)
Up-scale or scale this workout to get between 6-8 rounds.

I still don’t have handstands so I did 3 wall walk ups per round.  For the pistols, I lowered to a 20 inch box and used a 5# plate for balance after the first 2 rounds.  I ended up with 5 + 11 which I felt pretty good about.  I felt something pinch in my left shoulder on the fourth round and just held against the wall rather than doing a walk up the last 2 rounds.

Most folks were doing handstand pushups to abmats or deficit pushups.

Mobility – Finished with stretches laying on back

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