Friday, September 11, 2015

CrossFit Front Squat

Friday, September 11, 2015

Coach Patrick

(11AM) 10 of us including Dan, Luke, Tim, Anke, Ashley, Mandy and myself

Warm Up

After a 400 yard run, ad hoc warm up with 2x10# plates going through a sequence of squats, dead lifts, clean into thruster, round the world, side to side wide lunge, axe choppers, side to side axe choppers, pushing out and in, triceps extensions, burpee into clean overhead press and several others.


25 minutes to establish 1RM.  I worked on technique with the bar (45#) and then 65#.  Coach Patrick had a few tips including widening my stance, pushing the knees out to create space, and keeping a very upright back.  I exaggerated this by squeezing my shoulders together during the lift.  I also wore a belt for most of this effort and it seemed to reinforce good position.


3 rounds for time of 8 body weight front squats and 400m run.  As I am still nursing the groin, I opted for 115# deadlifts and 500m row.  I started out doing straight leg deadlifts and then switched to regular deadlifts on the last round.  The 500m rows were pretty tough and I felt my time decline significantly over the 3 rounds.  I finished in 9:48.

Mobility was ad hoc today as well.  We did some stretches focusing on breathing.  With legs splayed reach left then right, bend left and right, legs straight reach forward, bend forward, pigeon pose (and pigeon but grabbing back leg) left and right

The groin felt OK today, but I definitely felt it during the warm up run and during the front squats.

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