Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CrossFit Clean and Jerk

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Coach Patrick

(11AM) about 10 of us including Jeremy, Ben, Mandy, Val, Anke, Heather Kevin and me

Warm Up

A lot of movement including jog out and walk back, low step out and shuffle back, karaoke, high knee karaoke, high knees, bounding, butt kicks, back peddling, and sprints.  The groin felt OK except during running.  I did not sprint.  We also stretched out our wrists extending them in forward, back, left and right rocking in a circle and then folding them in.  We did 10 push-up and then some squats inching up slowly and holding at midpoints.


20 minutes to find 1 rep max clean and jerk.  I spent the time working on technique.  Starting with a 35# bar and doing most of the workout with 55#.  The groin felt OK, except during deeper squats on the squat cleans.  I did about 20-30 reps of Power Clean, Squat Clean and Split Jerk.  It was a little weird to not be pushing towards a 1 rep max, but I felt like I got a good workout and really had a chance to think about technique.


500 meter Row max Effort. 

I finished in 1:56 which I was pretty proud of.  Usually my 500m pace is around 2:15, so it was nice to just crank it out.  Some folks were finishing around 1:30.  The groin was a non issue unless I came forward too far during recovery.

Mobility – Just flared legs and some foam rolling.

Coach Patrick said groin pulls would take 4 weeks before training could resume in earnest.  Until then, it is best to maintain blood flow and good range of motion via scaled/modified WODs.  It did feel good to be back in the box.  

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