Friday, November 8, 2019

2020 Crossfit Open - Retrospective

I have made tremendous progress during this year of training.  My engine is a substantially stronger and I feel comfortable moving bigger weights in a WOD.  I still have my goats and now have a full year to work on them.

I made a few mistakes this year.  I should have been more careful on what I do in WODs during open season.  I lit up my hamstrings doing reverse lunges.  That could have had a big impact on the deadlift/hrpu workout.  I also tweaked my pec that week and irritated it again before the mu/wbs/row workout.  If I had MU, this could have been devastating.

20.1 - Ground to Overhead 95#, bar facing burpees - Rx : I did power cleans and push jerks, only limiter was my engine (99,596th).  I could have gone faster at the 65# scaled weight, but this was a good test.

20.2 - 50# DB Thrusters, T2B, DU - Rx : This was heavy for me, the 50# DB lit up my triceps, I did singles on the T2B, bright spot was the DU, but I still needed 3-5 sets every round, limiter was strength, kip and engine (76,467th).  I would have preferred the 35# scaled weight, but was anxious to show off T2B and DU.

20.3 - DL 225/315 - HSPU and HS Walk - Rx/S - This was a repeat of 18.4 and I made tremendous improvement on my Scaled Score going from 95 reps in 18.4 to 123 reps in 20.3.  I posted an Rx score of 21 deadlifts at 225#.  My limiters were 315# DL, HSPU, HS Walk. (83.584th).  The scaled weights and movements are a good test for me, I posted an Rx score due to ego.

20.4 - Box Jumps 24", Clean and Jerk Ladder 95# to 315#, Pistols - Rx - I did this Rx knowing I would not progress past the 135# bar.  I could have gone scaled and possibly ticked off a few reps at 155#.  My limiters were Clean and Jerk Strength and Pistols. (83,709th).  The scaled weights would have been a better test for me, but the box jumps (step-ups) and medicine ball step-ups would have slowed me down considerably.  I might repeat this scaled down the road.

20.5 - MU, WBS, Row - Rx - I do not have muscle ups and did not attempt them during this workout.  I was able to complete the 120 WBS and 80 Calorie Row in 16:04 (below the 20 minute cap). (TBD).  (77,261st). This would have been a great test scaled.  40 chin over bar pull-ups, 120 WBS at 14# and 80 Calorie row.  I would like to repeat this scaled down the road.

I still would like to work on my overhead stability with a dumbbell, lunges, heavy thrusters, kipping (T2B and pull-ups), and HSPU.  I will incorporate daily Cindy as a warm up and weekly inverted work.

Mentally and physically I felt drained the last 2 weeks.  The transition to fall would have been really tough for competitive athletes.  I will definitely continue to do the open and I would like to perform it an affiliate.

Overall, I thought the programming was terrific to separate athletes at the top and to allow the back of the pack to do the workouts Rx or Scaled.  It was a good mix of major lifts, gymnastics and hard rowing to incorporate the 100 words.  I was a little surprised by the time domains 15, 20, 9, 20 and 20 minutes.  I should concede that the top finished well under the cap and even I was stopped short of the cap on 20.3, 20.4 and 20.5 due to inability to do HSPU, 185# C&J, and MU respectively.  My workouts turned into 15, 20, 2, 15 and 16 minute workouts.

I was a little disappointed that I would be doing the workouts during Open Gym, rather than having them programmed during class, but given the lack of interest and the total disruption of training cycles and programming, I 100% agree with Crossfit Golden's decision to not program the open.

For now the important thing is to get my pec healthy again and maintain my fitness through the winter.

89056 / 124,461 men
6263 / 10,685 men 40-49 **

** best finish to date

2016 - 6,668th (MBS) 0 Rx / 5 scaled
2017 - 11,172nd (WMCF) 1 Rx / 4 scaled
2018 - (Aspire) did not register, but did workouts 0 Rx / 5 scaled
2019 - 12,031st (CFG) 2 Rx / 3 scaled
2020 - 6,263rd (CFG) 5 Rx / 0 scaled

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