Saturday, October 19, 2019

Elbow Support

I am starting to panic about a repeat workout of either 17.3 or 19.3.  If it is 19.3, I want to have some elbow support.

I measured my elbow at 29 cm (11.4")

Rehband - 5mm single $35.99 (L)

Nordic Lifting - 5mm pair $35.25 (L)

Nordic Lifting - Nylon Yarn $18.95 (L)

Bear Komplex - 5mm (bicep 14.5") Large or XL - $34.99 pair

Nisrok - 5mm pair - $14.99 (L)

First class would be to order a pair of Rehband elbow sleeves for $72.  However, this is a case where I do not mind trying the cheaper route as I do not see this as a daily use item and I may size them twice.

I ordered the Nisrok on Saturday from Amazon and they were on my doorstop Sunday morning.  The packaging was not glamorous, but more that sufficient.  The sleeves themselves were true to size, offering good compression and warmth, without being too difficult to put on.  I will probably give them a try a couple of times this week in case I need to use them for an upcoming open workout.

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