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Thursday, May 23, 2019


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Crossfit Golden - Diedre

1200 - 7 of us

Warm Up

1 min jumping jacks
1 min inch worm and push up
1 min puppy dog stretch
1 min bear / crab rotations
1 min single arm ring row


2 rounds of
3 active hangs
3 partial pull-ups
3 jumping negatives
3 strict pull-ups


3 wall climbs
3 pike push-ups
3 kick up to wall
3 knee on box hspu


Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Three sets, for max reps/calories of:

2 Minutes of Rowing (for Max Calories)
2 Minutes of Strict Handstand Push-Ups
2 Minutes of Rowing (for Max Calories)
2 Minute of Strict Pull-Ups or (RX+ Legless Rope Climbs)
Rest 3 minutes

R1:  25 cal, 17 knee box HSPU, 18 cal, 10 strict pull-ups
R2:  24 cal, 15 knee box HSPU, 20 cal, 9 strict pull-ups
R3:  23 cal, 16 knee box HSPU, 20 cal, 9 strict pull-ups

I felt really smooth on the rower and could maintain the same calories per hour, some time was lost due to transitions.  knees on box was the right scaling, I could do sets of 3-5.  The pull-ups were doubles and singles.

Rope Climbs:  2 ascents

Abmat Sit-ups:  5x10

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