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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Jackie - Bulgarian Split Squats

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

CFG - Lucas

1230 - 7 of us

Warm Up

1 min row
1 min figure four stretch
1 min couch stretch

then 2 rounds of
10 push up mtn climber
10 banded air squat
5 squat and thoracic rotation
5 reverse snow angels
5 banded plank walks
5 ring row negatives

with barbell
6 push press
6 front squat
6 thruster


Jackie (Time)

For Time: 
1000m Row 
50 Thrusters, 45# 
30 Pull-ups

I did the row in 4:40; the thrusters at 8:40 (20, 12, 10, 8); jumping pull-ups (5/5/5/5/4/4/2), exactly matching my January 10, 2021 time.


Three sets of:
Bulgarian Split Squat ( 8 reps @ 30X1)
immediately followed by…
Dynamic Jumping Bulgarian Split Squats (12 reps @ 10X0)
Rest 90 seconds between legs.
Use two KBs for the 8 reps, then drop them and immediately perform 12 jumping Bulgarians without weight.

I did 8 split squats unweighted each round, but was fast on the tempo.  I only did 6 jumping each round and maintained reasonable tempo.

We had 15 minutes left at the end of class so I did 2x 30 second hang and some crossover symmetry.

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